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The cloud based digital signage platform
that helps you manage content easily from
the web, using your PC, tablet or smart phone!


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BIZON.MEDIA digital signage is a communication tool that allows you to upload content, create and schedule campaigns, manage execution and control the screens on an unlimited number displays. BIZON.MEDIA has revolutionised the use of digital signage by providing a cloud-based platform for beginners and professionals confronted with the challenges of managing a fleet of screens for point of sale, internal communications and digital out of home (DooH).

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Every digital signage project offers a new set of challenges including the physical environment, timing and budget, different technologies, interactive functionality and designing and maintaining a digital display network. Therefore, Bizon.media can connect to your existing digital signage or can deliver you fully-customized display systems that seamlessly integrate into your locations and meet any unique business challenge, application or budget.

Digital signage solutions

Our technology experts can provide optional site surveys to help you create a fully-integrated and customized display system that includes: hardware, cloud-based platform, content, installation and ongoing support.


Digital signage advertising and content-share network gives you opportunity to increase revenue by selling AD slots or sharing your content within Bizon.media network.

Cloud-based platform

The cloud-based digital signage platform that helps you design and schedule easily from the web!


Bizon.media in your industry

Digital signage comes in all sizes, formats and shapes, from simple TV monitors and multi-screen video walls to interactive kiosks and smart multiboards. Here is a quick view of some industries that Bizon.media digital signage can be used in.


Personalize the in-store experience with a wide array of digital signage technology.

Hotel and Hospitality

Showing content in atria, lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurant and elevators can make your guests stay a bit more comfortable.


Display helpful information using digital signage such as announcements, events, updates and other informations.


Digital signage in educational institutions of every level.


Digital signage helps telling your customers about new information, in-house promotions and current events while the waiting time is much more interesting for them.


Digital signage in Automotive industry.


Increase revenue and passenger satisfaction.

DOOH and Outdoor

Guarantee reliable, timely delivery of content to digital signage displays


Keep the community informed by displaying recent announcements through digital signage

Gyms & Spas

Digital signage in the gym is a highly effective way of promoting activities and classes that current customers might not realize are available to them.

Connect to

Bizon.media network

The Bizon.Media digital signage advertising and content-share network is a collection of digital signs that display image, video, motion-graphic advertising or any other content to a given audience. These digital signs are part of fast growing Bizon.Media network that can be found in, both indoor and outdoor, public spaces.

How it works

Bizon.media PlayBox

The Bizon.media PlayBox is a small, physical device that is conected to Bizon.media cloud and renders content to a TV, monitor, or other digital display. It's a crucial part of digital signage system, and the device is used across a variety of different industries and use cases.

Flexible Pricing

latest Pricing plan


For small and midsize organizations.

7.9€ / month

  • Image, video, audio and documents.
  • Live streams and websites.
  • Playlists.
  • Overlays.
  • Scheduling.


For users with lots of content.

9.9€ / month

  • Sub-playlists.
  • Tag-based Playlists.
  • Playback Reports (Proof of Play).
  • Volume Schedules.


Enterprise edition.

12.9€ / month

  • Workspaces.
  • Custom User Roles.
  • Single Sign-on (SAML).
  • Login IP & Password Restrictions.
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